Citrus Sprayer

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Turn your citrus fruit into the freshest juice container! Spray directly from fruit to dress your recipes or aromatize your soft drinks and cocktails in the freshest way!




  • No need to use more than one utensil, no loss of vitamins nor oxidation of the juice
  • 2 sizes: one for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits; another one for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines.
  • Easy to use: thanks to its screw-like design, it can be easily inserted and secured inside the fruit. Then the juice fills the filter through the holes where the sprayer collects the juice.
  • Detachable: comes apart completely for easy and thorough cleaning




  • Package Includes:
    - 1 x Larger Sprayer
    - 1 x Small Sprayer
    - 1 x Stand
  • Material: ABS
  • Sizes (Height): 10.5 cm (Large), 8 cm (Small)